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the Lemonade Academy


Helping students achieve success.

Helping families get them there.

the lemonade academy



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Lemonade Academy

This online private tutoring service is inspired and dedicated to students who want to achieve success, and families who desire support from the comforts of their own home.


Specializing in building reading and writing skills pre-k through 9th grade, as well as supporting elementary math skills, The Lemonade Academy is a place where students can feel safe to make mistakes as they acquire and hone new skills. 

Learning doesn't have to be a bitter experience. At The Lemonade Academy, we strive to make the path to success not only a little sweeter, but also to build confidence and a "can-do" attitude that will serve students the rest of their lives.

Kids Reading Outdoor
Teenage Students Raising Hands

It starts with confidence



The most important thing for your child's education is that they believe they can be successful. Contact me for a free consultation to see how I can help make a difference.

Private Tutoring

I fit into your schedule from the comforts of your own home. Offering online private tutoring means I'm meeting your child exactly where they're at.

Personalized Plan

I work on the principal of goal-setting and guiding students to reach those goals through skill-building steps. A personalized learning plan is tailored for your student's unique needs.



“Andria is creative, warm, energetic, and engaging. She cares deeply about people and is welcoming and relaxed. My kids love it when she teaches them.”

-Rachel Grice, parent
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