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The most important thing for your student's education is that they believe they can be successful. Contact me for a free consultation to see how I can help make a difference.

Test Prep

There's a strong correlation between higher scores on SAT and ACT exams and study support. I give your student the specialized one-on-one support they need to shine their brightest on test day.

Private Tutoring

I fit into your schedule from the comforts of your own home. Offering online private tutoring means I'm meeting your student exactly where they are.

Literacy Support

Reading, writing, and public speaking are essential for academic success. My passion is helping students overcome challenges to not only access content and achieve higher scores, but grow confidence in themselves.

Personalized Plan

I work on the principle of goal-setting and helping students build the skills to reach those goals. After the initial consultation a personalized learning plan is tailored for your student's unique needs.

English Language

I've helped students of all ages from around the world gain a stronger grasp of the English language both academically and conversationally. 

Homeschool Coach

"I'm a certificated teacher! Why is this so hard?"

Even after teaching middle school Language Arts for almost a decade, I struggled when I resigned from my position to stay home with a new baby and a kindergartner with plans to homeschool. I knew how to teach. I knew all the state requirements, standards, and classroom management theories, pedagogy and educational theory. I had been recognized and received accolades from administrators, students, and parents.


Why was it so hard to teach my own five year old?


Now, after being a homeschool mom for over a decade, I appreciate the unique challenges homeschool families face and the variety of needs they have. I've participated in various co-ops, led workshops, organized events, and attended seminars to help be a more informed parent-teacher. I've developed techniques that have helped my children and others not only master content but gain confidence. I created my own curriculum and designed lessons tailored around the interests and needs of my children so they could reach the benchmarks, feel successful, and have fun doing so.


But especially in the early days I've also been a lonely, overwhelmed homeschool mom who worried that I wasn't doing enough and that my kids weren't learning as much as their public school counterparts. 

If you're a struggling homeschool family, let's connect and see how I can help you make your homeschool experience all you want it to be.

I never lose.

I either win or learn.

Nelson Mandela

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